Homechef Partner.

Home Chef (partner)

Set new standards in food industry

mitra homade

Profile Mrs Adenari

A housewife who started the culinary world while she was living in belgium and took a cooking school.

mitra homade

Profile Mrs Ayunina

A housewife who has the skills to cook down from her parents.

Do you like cooking? Join as Homade partner.

mitra homade

Benefit to become Homade partner

  • Increase income without going out (work in your own kitchen).
  • Get regular cooking lessons.
  • Add insight into national and international cuisine.

Requirement to be Homade Partner

  • Discipline and responsible.
  • Male/female between 25 - 50 years old.
  • Very like Cooking.
  • Have knowledge of food material.
  • Able to arrange and customize the menu.
  • Able to cook without MSG.
  • Have own hygienic kitchen.

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